Custom Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Fashion Sock

$ 24.95

Upload Your Face Here.
Want Two Different Faces? Upload The Second Face Here.
Notes For The Designer

It's every white belt's dream to become a black belt so here's your one chance. That is aside from putting in the hard work and showing up to class year after year. But nobody's got time for that right?! They say you should visualize your goals so this is literally your dreams staring you in the face on a pair of socks. 

Simply upload any photo and we'll do all the work for you. 

-Attach the photo you want us to add to your socks. The higher the resolution the better!
-Our design team will crop out their face and add them to the socks for you!
-Orders typically ship within 1 Business day.
-Printed and Shipped in the USA
-Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

***Front and back of socks will have the same print.
***There are no returns on custom printed socks.
***Recommended for men's sizes 6-12 and women's sizes 7-13.

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